KFD Gastro 90 caps - Digestive Enzymes

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KFD Gastro 90 caps - Digestive Enzymes


Gastro 10

90 caps

KFD Gastro 10 is a dietary supplement intended to supplement the diet with a comprehensive set of 10 digestive enzymes. The composition is based on the highest quality substances from proven sources.

Digestive enzymes are substances that occur naturally in our digestive system. They facilitate digestion and absorption of macronutrients provided with food, acting as catalysts for chemical reactions. Digestive enzymes are divided into proteases (involved in the breakdown of proteins), lipases (involved in the breakdown of fats), amylases (involved in the breakdown of carbohydrates) and cellulase involved in the digestion of fiber.
Supplementation with digestive enzymes contained in Gastro 10 can be a valuable addition to the diet of people in the mass building phase, when large amounts of food are eaten.

KFD Gastro 10:

- A comprehensive set of ten digestive enzymes
- Highly concentrated form of the product
- Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
- Convenient form of capsules
- Up to 90 daily servings

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