MEGABOL PLASMEX 100% Animal Blood Amino Acids 350 caps

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MEGABOL PLASMEX 100% Animal Blood Amino Acids 350 caps



Blood Amino

350 caps

Why should you choose PLASMEX BLOOD AMINO


  • One serving delivers 3520 mg of Amino Acids
  • Freeform and peptide amino acids delivered from hydrolyzed Porcine Globin
  • 100% Animal Amino Acids hydrolysate for competitive sportsmen
  • Fourth (newest) generation Amino Acids supplement
  • Hydrolyzed Plasma Globin – 100% active substances
  • Fast growth of Muscle Mass
  • Protection against Muscle loss during the breaks or reduction

PLASMEX Blood Amino™ is a new generation Amino Acid product achieved in 100% from plasma globin of animal blood is an active ingredient.

Plasma globin is the latest amino acid raw material, next one after hydrolysates of milk proteins (whey).

Hydrolysate means proteins processes by enzyme reactions. Created in this way short bonds of amino acids, therein di- and tripeptides are characterized by anabolic effects achieved from the production of somatomedin C in the liver. Such process fastens muscle mass building. Some of the peptides can stimulate also production of growth hormone.


PLASMEX Blood Amino™ is a hydrolyzate of technologically modified pork blood (plasma), whose main ingredient is proteins, called globulins.

In the original form, these are huge molecules that are modified in such a way that the final raw material has a small molecular weight.

The product is thus easily digestible.


PLASMEX Blood Amino™ has a neutral taste, is fully soluble and free of common allergens. It does not contain ingredients that could cause digestive problems, as is the case with most cheap milk proteins (mainly casein and whey proteins that are not delactosed).

The most important is the statement that it is one of the first products, which is not based on milk-based raw materials.

This is a huge advantage above all for those consumers who are suffering from the intolerance of milk proteins.


Ultimately, blood is a "life-giving fluid" after all.


Amino acid composition in 1 serving (10 caps):


Nutrition information

Per 1 serving


60kJ/ 14kcal


0 g

Of which saturates

0 g


0,1 g

Of which sugars

0,1 g


3,5 g


0,2 g

Amino acid

Per 1 serving


395 mg


40 mg


245 mg


365 mg


30 mg


190 mg


100 mg


160 mg

Aspartic Acid

430 mg

Glutamic Acid

345 mg


305 mg


285 mg


215 mg


55 mg


175 mg



Serving portion:

One serving is 10 caps.



Consume 1-2 servings per day. Use before morning meal, after training or before any other meal on non-training days.

Do not exceed recommended serving.



Store closed, in temperaturę up to 25°C, out of reach of children.

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