Nutrend Protein Pancake no flavour 750g Gluten Free

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Nutrend Protein Pancake no flavour 750g Gluten Free

PROTEIN PANCAKE natural flavour

  • healthy food alternative not just for well-being moments

  • easy and quick preparation

  • mix with water only

  • no need to flavour 

  • gluten free

  • high content of MPI and WPC protein

Excellent protein quality is ensured by a highly concentrated milk protein isolate (MPI) and whey protein concentrate (WPC).

PROTEIN PANCAKEs are great not only because of the high content of quality protein, but also because they do not contain gluten and are not burdened with preservatives or colourings. Among the benefits, we can also mention the fact that protein pancakes are an important source of beneficial fibre. It is possible to season them with the taste of any favourite ingredients, but their original form too will delight your taste buds.

Method of preparing:

20 g = 1 measuring scoop. Properly mix the dose of 50 g into 100 ml water to make a smooth dough. Fry pancakes on both sides in a hot pan. Serve warm.

Recommended dosage:

50 g dose is suitable as a snack in the morning or afternoon hours, always with an interval of at least 60 minutes from the normal diet.

Nutrition facts:


100 g

1 dose - 50 g

Energy value

1533 kJ/363 kcal

767 kJ/181 kcal


4,5 g

2,3 g

of which saturated fatty acids

2,8 g

1,4 g


34 g

17 g

of which sugars

6,6 g

3,3 g


5,1 g

3,4 g


44 g

22 g


1 g

0,5 g


Unflavoured: whey protein concentrate (contains sunflower lecithin and anti-caking agent calcium phosphate), milk protein isolate, rice flour, buckwheat flour, dried egg white, whole dried milk, inulin, mixture of acacia gum and wheat fibre (doesn’t contain gluten), flavouring, raising agent sodium bicarbonate, anti-caking agent silicon dioxide, sodium chloride, sweetener sucralose, colouring agent beta-carotene.

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