REDOX Hardcore Fat Burner Allnutrition 90 caps

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REDOX Hardcore Fat Burner Allnutrition 90 caps



90 caps

New composition - more possibilities

12 active ingredients!

Monthly treatment

Patented and innovative formula

Free body fat measurement tool (see pictures)

REDOX HARDCORE is a new unique formula containing the patented Capsimax compound. Our product is innovative and has proven ingredients. If you are looking for a quick solution to fight with body fat and you want a healthy, slim, fit figure then you have to reach for Redox Hardcore.


Join the REDOX team! Defeat yourself, kill fat - win a new, best version of yourself.


REDOX HARDCORE is a formula intended for physically active people. It contains a wide range of active components such as precisely selected plant extracts, caffeine, magnesium, and chrome. Caffeine contributes to the reduction of the felling of physical effort during physical exercises. Magnesium helps to maintain the proper Energy metabolism while chrome helps to maintain the proper glucose level in the blood.



Active components

1 cap

3 caps

Garcinia cambogia

200 mg

600 mg

 - of which HCA

120 mg

360 mg

Anhydrous caffeine

132 mg

396 mg

Saffron flower extract

53.34 mg

160 mg

Extract from the bark of the cinnamon tree

40 mg

120 mg

Extract from the root of Indian nettle Coleus forskohlii

33.34 mg

100 mg

 - of which forskolin

3.33 mg

 10 mg

Capsimax® reserved extract from Capsicum annuum

33.34 mg

100 mg

- of which capsaicin

0.67 mg

2 mg

Panax ginseng extract

30 mg

90 mg

 - of which ginsenosides

3 mg

9 mg

Yerba mate extract (leaves)

25 mg

75 mg

 - of which caffeine

1 mg

3 mg

Rhodiola rosea extract (root)

20 mg

60 mg

- of which rosavins

0.6 mg

1.8 mg


20 mg / 5.3%*

60 mg / 16%*

Ginger rhizome extract Zingiber officinale

7.34 mg

22 mg

 - of which gingerols

0.37 mg

1.1 mg


66.67 µg / 167%*

200 µg / 500%*

*Daily value


Recommended use: take 3 capsules daily before the workout or before breakfast, wash down with 250 ml of water.

Ingredients: extract from the fruits of camboge tree Garcinia Cambogia standardized for 60% of HCA, anhydrous caffeine, capsule shell: gelatin,magnesium bisglycinate, extract from saffron flower Crocus sativus, extract from the bark of the cynamon tree Cinnamomum cassia, extract from the root of Indian nettle Coleus forskohlii standardized for 10% of forskolin, Capsimax® reserved extract from Capsicum annuum standardized for 2% capsaicin, extract from the Panax ginseng standardized for 10% of ginsenosides,extract from the leaves of yerba mate llex paraguariensis standardized for 4% caffeine, extract from the root of Rhodiola rosea standardized for 3% of rosavins, anti-caking agent: magnesium salts of fatty acids; extract from the ginger rhizome Zingiber officinale standardized for 5% of gingerols, colorant: titanium(IV) oxide; chromium picolinate.


Dietary supplement. This product is designed for physically active people over 18 years of age. Do not use if allergic to any of the ingredients, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not use the product as a substitute for a varied diet. A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are recommended. Do not use caffeine from other sources. Do not use with other stimulants, alcohol, and drugs. Do not use for 6h before bedtime


Contains caffeine not recommended for a pregnant and nursing woman. [399 mg / 3 capsules]

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